about us

Rationale facilitates the process of placing biorational products onto the market – working with clients at all stages of the process:

  • Bio-discovery – new actives
  • Product development – development of commercial scale systems
  • Efficacy – of biopesticides
  • Safety – of new active substances
  • Intellectual property - evaluation
  • Registration – active substances and products
  • Marketing

We work with research institutes, biocontrol producers and growers to streamline and improve delivery of biopesticides to the horticulture and agriculture industry.

Dr Roma L Gwynn has worked in crop protection with the agriculture and horticulture industry for over 25 years, specialising in biopesticides since 1989. She has worked on a wide range of protected and broad acre crops and their associated pest and diseases.

Her recent work in Europe, US and Kenya has been in contributing to the development and registration of new biopesticide active substances and products and working to bridge the technical and commercial gaps between the stakeholders: academia, policy makers, manufacturers, regulators and growers.

A member of the IBMA, she participates actively within the industry to address issues and to promote biorational products.

Dr Roma L Gwynn in rose house