• Project management of EU registrations for microbial and botanical biopesticides, including development of efficacy data, liaison with CRD (formerly PSD) and marketing.
  • Biopesticide production using appropriate technology - facility start-up, product development and capacity building in Kenya (Dudutech Limited) and Real Biopesticide Limited; biofungicides, bioinsecticides and bionematicides.
  • Biorational new product development.
  • Biopesticide registration capacity building and development (Kenya, EU, UK).
  • Biopesticide gap analysis for UK horticulture growers.
  • Management of biorational product patent and trademark portfolio for an international biopesticide production company.
  • For EU project in Zambia - evaluate start-up of a natural enemy business.
  • Specific biopesticide production and use advice (EU companies).
  • Development of entomopathogenic nematode-based products for pest control in flowers and vegetables (Dudutech, Kenya).
  • Production of Pasteuria penetrans to control root knot nematodes in vegetables (DFID).
  • Production of baculoviruses to control Plutella xylostella in vegetables (DFID).
  • Review for CPP (DFID) of product development pathways for biological control projects.
  • COLEACP/PIP funded project - advice for registration of biopesticides in Kenya, funding evaluations.
  • Arab Organisation for Agriculture Development, UAE, Red Palm Weevil Project - evaluation of the commercial potential of the biopesticides developed.
  • Consultant to project on use of entomopathogenic nematodes for thrips control (UK).
  • Workshops, conferences and lectures on: biopesticide application, biological control use, biopesticide registration.