Project Management – projects for biodiscovery, biopesticide efficacy, IPR, product development, production, registration.

Registration – registration strategy, development of biological assessment dossiers, efficacy trials – biopesticide specific protocol development and trial management, efficacy dossier preparation.

Provision of technical expertise for biorational agents (entomopathogenic nematodes and fungi, insect viruses, fungal and bacterial pathogenic microorganisms, plant extracts).

Production development – microorganism production using intermediate technology, including QA and QC.

Finding new biorational products, identifying commercial partnerships and facilitating pathways for commercial uptake.

Business audits – evaluation of biopesticide based businesses.

Intellectual property management – patent and trademarks for biorational products, biodiversity rights

Design and management of biopesticide specific efficacy trials.

Funding – consortia development, proposal writing, MOU, project management, funding request audits.

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